Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Real Estate Profile of Gregory and Lisa

This profile is for you, the real estate agent, or relocation expert, or whatever, to help us in finding a great place to live.

We realize that this information is above and beyond in terms of what you normally get from a prospective client, but we feel that it is important to understand what our needs are, so you can do your job well.

- Gregory and Lisa

Who We Are

Lisa and Gregory are two fun loving individuals. Liberal, with strong Libertarian values, and more of a Laissez-faire attitude towards life. We should be able to express themselves without lame neighbors judging us. A strong neighborhood of friendly people is a must, or no neighbors at all is fine.

We also like to get involved with our community. Feeling a part of like minded people is important to us; we feel that most of the good life comes from the interactions we have with our neighbors, and want to encourage that. We embrace people of all backgrounds.

Who We Are Not

We are not particularly interested in 'what others have'. We're not country club joiners, we don't play golf, we don't frequent sports bars.

Things We Do

We like to get out a bit. Things that we do regularly...
  • Latin & Ballroom Dancing
  • Go to art shows
  • Interact with interesting people
  • Weekend vacation travel on motorcycle
  • Cultural events including music, performances, and fun things
  • Cook like the Foodies we are
  • Have people over for small parties of 12 with interesting conversations on a variety of topics
  • Go to local Farmer's Markets
Things We Want in a Town
  • Good people that find it important to interact with their fellow neighbors
  • Stores with good customer service, and they don't have to be big stores
  • Events that allow us to get involved with the development of our town
  • Wireless Internet service to house
  • A Good Burger joint
  • Dance studio, if possible
  • Less traffic lights, more nature settings
  • City life is fine, unless it's absolutely crappy
  • A strong fine arts community (or emerging fine arts) would be a wonderful addition
Things We Don't Want in a Town
  • Crazy religious
  • Large shopping malls that have chain stores (PF Chang's, Macaroni Grill, WalMart, etc.)
  • Convenience of shopping is less important to us than the homogenization of society
Things We Want in A House
  • Contemporary styles are fine. Contemporary can be defined as the architecture being made at the present time. It also includes that of the last few decades, from the 1980s to the present. It can also include designs from distant decades like Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Modern styles are great, including Ultra-Moderns, such as the Rocio Romero house.
  • Certain rustic or funky styles of architecture are fine on a case by case basis. If it's really different and distinctive, we might just be interested.
  • Here is a wonderful link to a type of real estate agent we would like to find in the CT area... http://www.milehimodern.com/ - we have contacted him, left a message, and are awaiting his response. If he knows of someone that specializes in that type of real estate, we will pos here the information
Things We Don't Want in A House
  • We we DON'T want are styles like Colonial.
  • Anything in a tract is absolutely out of the question
  • Things that are important to other people like 'convenience of shopping malls' or 'a safe community' - we'll protect ourselves, thank you very much.
  • NO CC&R's.
We will continue to add to this posting in the future. For now, we hope that we have brought to you a 'feel' for what type of people we are.

Gregory and Lisa